Labour Relations


Labour Relations is an integral component of any organization. Ineffective Labour Relations is costly. Poor Labour Relations can shutdown an organization.  Effective organizations manage their labour/employee relations functions within a Strategic Labour/Employee Relations Framework, which forms part of the overall Corporate Strategy.

Trusted Experience
Having represented Employers in all manner of Labour Relations matters for more than 30 yrs., Mr. Donnelly can provide both strategic and hands on support to your organization. In a lead or support role he assists Employers in their collective bargaining relations with many large unions. For example CUPE, PowerWorkers, United Steelworkers, OPSEU, IATSE, most construction unions e.g. IBEW, CUSW, UA, Boilermakers, Ironworkers, Labourers, Millwrights etc.

The positive working relations he has fostered with Union Representatives is evidenced by the requests he has received from Unions to work with them to develop workshops and conferences.He has been an advisor to Unions regarding Union sponsored Tripartite* Workshops and Conferences involving Unions, Employer/Owners and Unionized Contractors.

Training for Management/Supervisors
Labour Relations is a challenging area for managers and Supervisors due to their uncertainty about their role and their lack of training in the labour relations area.

Virtually all levels of managers and supervisors will attest to their need for more training in labour/employee relations. Our training is delivered in a number of formats including Seminars/Workshops, Conferences and on-site small group custom clinics. Great emphasis is placed on individual participation, actual fact case studies, equipping participants with practical skills and take- to- the- job tools and concepts.
Our two most sought after workshops are:
1) Performance Management in a Unionized Environment.
2) The Role of the Manager/Supervisor in Labour Relations.

Our Workshop titled ‘The Role of the Supervisor/Manager in Labour Relations’ has received acclaim from participants, 90% of whom reported that ‘the workshop was time well spent’.


* Boilermaker Tripartite Conference and the General President’s Committee on Maintenance Tripartite Conference



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